5 Minute Speech on Corruption in English for Students

Corruption is the act of being fraudulent, especially by the ones in power. It is sad to say that it is now very common in all parts of the world today. Being corrupted can start from home, it can start with the act of lying. It is a very scary affair that one must never try to fall into. One may gain something from it but the consequences of being corrupted are dangerous. Countries like Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand are considered the least corrupt countries. Russia is said to be one on the top list of being the most corrupt country in the world. The world would be in so much progress and would be a better world without corruption. Due to greed and selfishness, corruption begins. It is most common in all affairs, especially in politics. Corruption should be checked in all states. Once it’s detected and exposed, corruption decreases. If not, it leads to the public unable to trust the government, there would be so much injustice and many other issues.  Corruption should be taught to everyone, even children. People should be educated on this matter. The majority of the people in the society are not well educated on this matter and it leads to foul play by the government. Putting up posters and advertisements concerning corruption can be a good source of re-reminding and educating the people.