2 Minute Speech On Corruption In India In English

Good morning everyone present, today I am going to talk about corruption in India. India is a huge and beautiful country, but the corruption that exists there tarnishes both its beauty and its reputation as a great country. Corruption occurs almost everywhere, and the number of corrupt people goes up every day.

Money and power have taken over, to the point where if the average person needs assistance from the government or the business world, they too must ultimately choose the corrupt path.

Although there are many talks made about morals, money really does rule behind closed doors. One needs to know the back door and pay a lot of money to get things done for anything to happen.

Politicians and bureaucrats use their positions of authority and financial resources to exert influence across all areas, making it impossible for even the most talented and effective individuals to thrive or even be hired. As a result, in these settings, labour efficiency is likewise corrupted and changed to suit the needs of the ruling class.

Beginning at the highest levels, corruption spreads down to the lowest levels as well. The extent of corruption has risen to the point that there are no adequate rules to put an end to these unscrupulous individuals. It has become extremely difficult for the common man or the righteous to exist due to the highly corrupt people who just would do anything for money.

This must stop, and we must reach a point when each and every Indian can claim with pride that they live in a country free of corruption. Thank you.