5 Minute Speech on Colours in English for Students

Colours play a significant role in making our lives more fun and vibrant. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to colours. Some people like bright colours while some like dull and subtitle colours. Both are good. We all have our own choices at the end of the day. Red and Yellow colours are colours that can attract the attention of others. The blue colour was seen as the colour of the lower class back in history but again if we look at it in today’s world it is well-known as the colour of royalty. It can also change the mood of one and can have a very powerful effect on a psychological level as well. This is very amusing!  It also has a strong linkage with one’s emotions as well. These are all scientifically proven. For instance, the white colours give us a lot of mental peace and purity and the pink colour is seen to calm a person down. Colours also make anything more fun and therefore children love colours. Colours affect how a person feels and thinks.   Psychologists use colours to try and get through a person’s mind and it could say a lot about a person. We are ignorant of the power that colour holds. Violet colour is said to be the colour of the highest power.