5 Minute Speech on Cooking in English for Students

Cooking is a very important aspect of life and to survive. People cook and earn. It has become a very important job as well. Not all people who love to eat can cook. This is a wrong turn of mindset. Some people love to cook while some do not. People enjoy playing with flavours and as a result, make beautiful and tasty dishes with so many flavours. It is also considered as a hobby. Cooking needs creativity as well. It is important for anyone and everyone to eat healthy meals rather than junk food. Cooking allows a person to be in control of the intake of food. Some people have serious allergies to different eatables and therefore cook a person to use only certain Ingredients, and make a dish.  Cooking a dish at home is healthier. Cooking together with loved ones bonds the relationship better. A person can learn different days of cooking from one another. There are so many different styles of cooking a dish. It takes the love of a person to prepare a dish. A good cook cooks with love. Through this, a meal turns out to be very delicious.  Cooking brings absolute joy to some and for some, they cook as a job through their life by being a chef. 

Cooking is very important. It is also said to have reduced stress for many.