5 Minute Speech on Business in English for Students

The history of business is extremely interesting. It can be traced back to 1500 AD. Businesses have grown to be vital in managing the countries and the society. The economy of any country in the world depends on business. In fact, the root of any work depends on business. The world of today is living alongside business. Businesses can be privately or publicly owned. There are uncountable businesses in today’s world. In India, the legal age to start a business is eighteen. Now, we see a lot of students starting their own small businesses and being independent. Any sort of business needs hard work, dedication, love, and sincerity. To go a long way in the business field one must always remember to have a good heart and a kind soul. One should be smart and witty at the same time. The business itself has become a subject of study and many students are opting for it. The study in itself is very useful and practical for lifelong circumstances.  It really helps the country in improving the employment rate. Through varied types of businesses, people can be self-employed or employed either in the private or public sector. There are millions of entrepreneurs in today’s world. People in general prefer to be their own boss and therefore, small businesses all over the world are growing and increasing rapidly. The flow of money from the government to the country is extremely vital and this has a strong link with the working of businesses in a country. During the phase of Covid 19, there came a huge wave of small businesses. Online businesses were blooming. The most basic rule in business is to know the wants and needs of people, therefore, a survey and good research are a must.