5 Minute Speech in Brain Drain in English for Students

Brain drain is an act where a group of very talented men and women decide to leave their country for their own personal gain. This is a decision that is taken by them in their own will. This act of brain drain has become more common as years pass by. There is so much competition in today’s world. Many are being left jobless. As difficult and heartbreaking as it is to say, it is the hard ground reality that the world is filled with so much politics of dirty play in job affairs and many other fields like that of education. The world is getting scary but it is not the world that is to blame but the people who made it so. Brain drain is increasing in many parts of the world for aries reasons. Better job opportunities and better earnings are laid out in high-ranking states like the US, UK, etc., and therefore, brain drain takes place. India also faces a lot of problems like brain drain where very talented and intellectual people exit from the country for better job opportunities abroad. The government has been under a lot of pressure due to this factor. There are ways to improve brain drain and the government is still working tirelessly on this. A few ways to improve this problem of brain drain could be to improve the rural areas, tackling unemployment, poverty, and other problems. This problem of brain drain leaves a huge impact on the country and even the state. The society suffers greatly. But where there is bad there is good and therefore as much as a sphere has disadvantages to it, it also has advantages in some way. Some people come back to their state and this in return helps the country. This is a factor that puts probably the most pressure on the government to look into a lot of things like health care, businesses, the flow of money, education, jobs, and many more. 

This is a subject topic that is very important to everyone and should be taught to students.