5 Minute Speech on Believe in Yourself in English for Students

We have heard the term ‘Believe in Yourself’ multiple times, and it has become ubiquitous. This phrase is so underrated. Believing in yourself takes courage, it takes time and most importantly it takes a person’s mind to drift into change on a whole new aspect. There are people who are confident in themself by nature and others who really struggle with that. Believing in yourself is very important in life. Life, as we ponder upon it,  is filled with ups and downs and it can give us slaps and punches as well. In life, we will come across various types of people and situations. Some positive while some not. There will be people who will try to push us down and degrade us. During these phases of life, believing in ourselves will truly exhibit its power. When you believe in yourself, you are bound to have more courage in the things you do in life. More productivity is also seen and more confidence is exhibited. One very important thing to keep in mind is that the world of today, the very dynamic world ruled by gadgets and social media has led us to more people losing confidence in themselves. Everything seems like a competition. Everything is being compared. It has become a more toxic environment. As I say this, I don’t mean the whole of people. I meant to the people in most general cases. Therefore, the importance of believing in yourself despite the world of social media swirling around has become even more vital than ever. It is so important for people to know about this and to learn about this. The world will become a better place if people believe in themselves more. Kids have to be taught on this matter. This will wholly be on the parenting skills. It is best to teach toddlers to believe in themselves at a very young age. Through healthy communication, this can be done. When a person believes in themselves, they are far more positive than the ones who don’t. This positivity can ultimately influence the people around you. This decision to believe in yourself comes from within. No one else can make that decision but you alone.