5 Minute Speech on Bullying in English for Students

Bullying has become very common, especially in schools. Adults also face bullying of different kinds. But just because it is common does not make it okay. It is very wrong to bully other people. The causes of bullying in children are because of peer pressure, parenting, and many others. They could be suffering from psychological issues that they are unable to tackle on their own and through bullying they are able to showcase this issue. There are many types of bullying. Some could be virtual, physical, social, racial, sexual, and many others. There are so many victims that are victims of bullying that end up in depression and in most cases commit suicide. Bullying is an act that should be really talked about the wrongs of it to kids the moment they start socializing. It is so important to teach people to stand up and voice their opinions against bullying. The society plays a huge role in this affair and how the people in general look upon bullying. If people don’t give attention to this matter, there are more chances of increasing. When the people in the society are totally against this matter and take serious action against it, there is a decrease in bullying. Schools play a crucial role in that matter. The door of communication should be open in schools, institutions, and in everyone’s life. This way we can stop bullying together. People have to know the weight bullying has taken over the world. The rise of more death case and suicide case are due to this. It is our responsibility as citizens of our society and our country to take the initiative and work hard to erase this.