2 Speech On Clean Agra Green Agra In English

Hello and good morning everyone. I’m here to give a speech on ‘Clean Agra Green Agra’. The citizens of Agra are in desperate need of a clean city as it is known as a tourist city. Every day, thousands of domestic and international tourists go there. It must be kept as clean as possible at all times. In Agra, the levels of air pollution from October to December 2017 were disturbingly high. Schools and universities had to be shut down since the situation had gotten so bad! Only with widespread participation will the Clean Agra Green Agra goal be accomplished.

The garbage disposal system in Agra is very antiquated and unreliable. The government must construct a modern, cutting-edge garbage treatment facility. Likewise, no one should leave any trash lying around in the city. If our personal houses and surroundings are filthy, then none of our zeal and enthusiasm for the cleanliness effort will matter.

People who maintain a clean environment and themselves can assist others in achieving their goals for cleanliness. We must approach this cleanliness campaign in this manner. Always keep in mind that only a lit candle can alight additional unlit candles. It is preferable to begin in your own room or closet.

Conserving and maintaining the natural beauty and purity of the surroundings is urgently necessary. People’s widespread involvement in environmental preservation is the only way to address the pressing environmental concerns. This issue can be resolved by undertaking a massive forestation push and ceasing all use of fossil fuels. Thank you.