Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Poem Competition Activity In Your School In English



Dearest Ramya,

My new year wishes to you and your family.

One day at school, the Physics teacher was absent, so our English teacher came instead and said that she will give a topic and we have to write a poem on that topic. The topic she gave was ‘Silence’. The whole class started scribbling something. 10 minutes had passed, and my paper was still blank. Then, I closed my eyes and started thinking peacefully. Some ideas came to my mind and I wrote them on paper. After some time, the teacher asked us to stop writing and collected all the papers. She said that she will read all the poem and will give a prize to the best poem the next day. The next day, she gave the prize to the best poem. It was not mine. But my heart is full that I tried writing a poem.

Bye and take care

Your friend]