2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of Hygiene In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of hygiene. The WHO defines hygiene as “the conditions and activities that contribute to the maintenance of health and prevent the spread of diseases.”

This entails more than just maintaining our hygiene but abstaining from any unhealthy behaviors like leaving trash on the ground, going to the bathroom in front of people, and many more. By putting such a practice into action, we improve not only our health but also the quality of our lives.

Personal hygiene is regarded as including habits like keeping one’s body clean, drinking only hygienic water, washing one’s hands after using the restroom, and others. Public hygiene is the term used to describe the proper disposal of garbage and excrement, which includes routine cleaning, waste separation and recycling, and maintenance of the water reservoir for the city.

Kitchen hygiene is crucial if you want to avoid diseases. By consuming clean water, we can reduce our risk of getting sick. We can all utilize mosquito nets to keep ourselves safe while we sleep if it isn’t practicable. Pathogens transported by animals and insects can cause a variety of diseases. For instance, roundworms, malaria, and filarial are only a few of the diseases spread by flies and mosquitoes.

A country must seek to educate more doctors in order to address the medical needs of every citizen. Every individual needs to be educated on the importance of hygiene, which will show how tidy our neighborhoods are. Thank you.