2 Minute Speech On The Impact Of Social Media On Youth In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the impact of social media on youth. Social media plays a significant role in everyone’s life today, particularly for today’s kids. They are affected both favorably and unfavorably by it. On social networking platforms, making friends is simpler. Technology has altered how friends are made in general. It enables young people to establish friends anywhere in the world and communicate with them anytime and for as long as they like. Even video chatting is now cost-free. A social media platform like Facebook has made it possible to instantly connect with long-lost pals. Indeed, extroverts, introverts, students, penpals, and all sociable teenagers have benefited from social media.

Social networking sites not only allow everyone to get in touch with old friends, but it also helps them develop a new network of friends and other contacts. Friendship teaches young people empathy, a feeling crucial to their development into adults. After school, socializing also help kids unwind mentally and supports them in overcoming challenges.

Social media, on the other hand, can harm young people as well. These sites regularly receive numerous hours of youth time from them in the form of photographs, post updates, and map updates. It makes them simple to locate and can let criminals carry out heinous acts of violence including murder, kidnapping, and stalking. Unacceptable content sharing and privacy breaches can result from an irresponsible activity. The correct use of social media and the internet requires the implementation of serious protection and education. Thank you.