2 Minute Speech On The Fundamental Rights In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on fundamental rights. Our existence as a nation is based on the fundamental rights that are enshrined in our constitution. Things like disagreement and objection might have been challenging in their absence. They are a tool of power in the hands of the common man because they are justifiable and consequently enforceable by courts. In an emergency, the government has the authority to suspend the provisions that govern fundamental rights, which can be dangerous and harmful.

When the National Emergency was declared in India in 1971, then-prime minister Indira Gandhi ordered a suspension of all fundamental rights. Many influential members of the community and political figures of the time were imprisoned without being charged.

The subsequent prime minister Morarji Desai made it difficult for any existing government to declare an emergency when her government was overthrown with the impending elections. Only then did the necessity of fundamental rights become clear. Fundamental rights are important because they can ensure a person’s freedom, access, and institutions, not because courts can enforce them.

The Supreme Court of India has interpreted fundamental rights multiple times throughout the years, and as a result, they have various interpretations associated with them. The Right to Education was once only included in the Directive Principles, but it was later included in the fifth section of the Constitution. This clearly defined education’s requirements for and accessibility to the nation’s children and citizens and brought in new legislative frameworks to support the idea. Thank you.