2 Minute Speech On The Future Of Gaming In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the future of gaming. Video games are played on platforms like video game consoles, personal computers, or handheld devices. These platforms can be huge like a mainframe computer or tiny like a mobile device. In the old times, the most common platform was arcade games.

Since the days of the Amiga, when graphics were blocky and pixelated, gaming has advanced significantly. Today’s photorealistic images immerse us in totally lifelike surroundings. Ray tracing, a method used in movies to provide real-time effects like glow and reflections, will be available on the PS5. It entails lighting effects that are highly realistic and increase your sense of immersion.

We may observe how gaming consoles changed throughout time. not only their speed, appearance, or operation. Modern graphics design is much better because of fantastic resolution and realistic-looking textures. Gaming consoles first appeared in the 1970s with just a game controller that had a joystick and one button; today, we have a huge variety of game genres and game controllers with dozens of buttons. These advancements in the gaming business happened quite quickly.

We will eventually play the game from inside. With the help of special glasses, cameras, and a moving platform, we will be able to move as though we were in a virtual environment. In barely 40 years, table tennis was transformed from using two white bars and a square ball to a virtual reality simulation. Thank you.