2 Minute Speech On Peer Pressure In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on peer pressure. Today, peer pressure is a problem that many kids face. Society provides kids with deceptive advertising that appears to steer them in unneeded ways. It is true what is said: the future of our globe will be much better off if today’s youth have more education.

Children today are subject to a variety of pressures. Others frequently exert pressure on you to take part in activities that you may not want to.

Peer pressure can be difficult because a child may feel under pressure to act, behave, think, and look a specific way by peers and schoolmates. Everything can be covered by this pressure. Teenagers deal with a variety of issues that may influence their decision-making. Sometimes, these choices are bad ones made to satisfy their need to fit in. There are techniques to combat peer pressure, despite the fact that it can be quite powerful and difficult to resist.

Negative peer pressure is not always simple to reject, but when you do, it is crucial and likely that you will feel good about it later. And you might even be a good role model for your friends who share your sentiments; frequently, all it takes is one individual to speak up or choose an alternative course of action to change a circumstance. Peer pressure is not necessarily bad, as the cliché goes. It can sometimes instill in people new interests, routines, attitudes, a strong will to succeed, or even a healthy conscience. Thank you.