2 Minute Speech On Happiness In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on happiness. The word “happy” refers to a positive mental attitude. Happiness may mean different things to different people. Some people could view prosperity and financial success as happy things. Others, however, emphasize that happiness requires excellent health. Others could be content with honorable professions and stellar reputations. Others might think that true happiness stems from being at peace with oneself and in harmony with the All-Powerful.

A positive individual will always be content. Such a person has a strong faith that everything that happens is for the best. A person who is happy doesn’t need other people or outside influences to make him happy. Even in the worst circumstances, he will be able to maintain his happiness. The only way to truly find happiness is to seek unity with the Almighty.

One needs to be thankful to God for all the gifts he has given us in order to be happy. A person who is thankful finds joy in even the little things in life. We can only truly be happy when we understand our unity with God. The four main components of happiness are optimism, self-awareness, gratitude, and contentment.

As a result, one must first understand what true happiness is in order to be happy. Otherwise, a person would spend their entire life seeking happiness. Furthermore, we shouldn’t hold off on happiness until a specific occasion. Every moment of life should be cherished. You shouldn’t let other people or outside factors affect your level of happiness. How joyful you are is entirely up to you. Thank you.