2 Minute Speech On Hacking In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hacking. Hacking is the attempt to gain access to a computer’s internal private network or system. To put it simply, it is the unauthorized use of computer network security systems or the control over them for illegal purposes.

One must first comprehend hackers in order to more accurately define hacking. They are easily assumed to be intelligent and very knowledgeable about computers. In fact, it takes more knowledge and skill to defeat a security system than it does to build one. Hackers cannot be neatly divided into groups according to any absolute standards.

However, we refer to them as white hats, black hats, and gray hats in standard computer jargon. White hat hackers test their own security systems to make them more hack-resistant. They typically belong to the same organization. Black hat hackers attempt to take over the system in order to benefit themselves. They have the power to damage, take, or even stop the system from being used by authorized users. They accomplish this by identifying weak points and loopholes in the system.

Instead of calling them hackers, some computer specialists call them crackers. Grey hat hackers are intrepid individuals with just enough knowledge of computer programming to break into a system and look for potential security gaps in the network. Black hats and gray hats are different in that the former alert the administrator of the network system about vulnerabilities found in the system, but the latter is just interested in personal benefit. All forms of hacking are illegal, with the exception of work done by white hat hackers. Thank you.