2 Minute Speech On Literacy In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I’d like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about literacy. The capacity to read and write is referred to as literacy. Every person should be able to read and write in a civilized nation. If not, he is referred to as illiterate.

A person who is illiterate encounters several everyday challenges in life. He is unable to read or write, thus he cannot read a letter that his loved ones have sent to him. He is unable to manage his records or figure out his income and spending. He has moral and psychological insecurities and weakness, which results in an inferiority complex.

Therefore, literacy should be a goal for everyone in society. A mature man can still learn how to read and write in his senior stage of life if it was not feasible in his early years. His ability to read will also enable him to develop a broad range of common knowledge, which will help him become a “full man.”

The clever people in society usually take advantage of illiterate people. They make the most of his lack of knowledge of the language or wisdom. The Indian government has just launched a nationwide literacy campaign. Educated young students ought to step up and join the literacy campaign.

In India, the percentage of literate people has significantly grown when compared to past data. In addition to the education of children, adult education has garnered a lot of interest from Indians. Free and voluntary education is a requirement. Thank you.