2 Minute Speech On Global Warming In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on global warming. The earth’s temperatures have been rising over a considerable amount of time. All living things on earth, including humans, animals, and wildlife, were impacted by this. Because of global warming, glaciers have been melting, many nations have experienced water shortages, flooding, and erosion. Only humans may be held responsible for global warming.

Carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants have increased in the earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities such as gas emissions from power plants, transportation, and deforestation. The major issue is how to manage the current circumstance and create a better planet for coming generations. Each person takes baby steps in the beginning. Start using cloth bags made of sustainable materials for all shopping, convert to energy-efficient light bulbs in place of high-watt lights, turn off the electricity, stop wasting water, end deforestation, and promote planting more trees.

Use solar and wind energy instead of petroleum and other fossil fuels. Donate old clothing to someone so that it can be recycled rather than thrown out. Donate used books to avoid paper waste. Most importantly, raise public awareness of global warming. Every little thing a person does to protect the environment makes a difference, no matter how modest. We must understand that even 1% effort is preferable to 0% effort. Commit to protecting the environment and raising awareness of global warming. Thank you.