2 Minute Speech On Girl Child In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on girl child. Girls have consistently and universally been viewed as the inferior of the two members of the human species. We don’t understand how this happened, but the fact is that the girl has always been treated very poorly in addition to being seen as inferior. It is impossible to fathom how this situation came to be, but what is sadder and more disturbing is that even in the twenty-first century, when we pride ourselves on being highly civilized, cultured, educated, and everything else, the girl continues to struggle to survive on this earth.

It follows that although women are increasingly becoming more aware of their rights, it is still difficult for girls to challenge the authority of men, who are understandably opposed to women’s advancement. However, the male, who has always believed that he is the superior entity, finds it difficult to get used to the idea that women are living up to their expectations.

The girl child in this situation must fight for herself on two fronts: one is the older woman who does not want her to rise because they do not seem to understand the need for it, and the other is the male counterpart who is afraid that if she becomes equal, she will take away the man’s centuries-old position of dominance. The current state of affairs in India is indeed true for the entire world, albeit obviously not to the same extent as in India, where girls’ education levels are low. Thank you.