2 Minute Speech On Gender Discrimination In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on gender discrimination. When men and women are given unequal rights, it is called gender discrimination. Their gender roles produce differences, which ultimately results in unfair treatment throughout life. There has been discrimination against women for many years. But as society changes, it’s time to abandon such ideas of gender roles. Therefore, the gender discrimination essay will explain it in more detail.

One of the many factors that contribute to gender discrimination is illiteracy. This perspective can be changed through education because more educated people are less likely to engage in gender discrimination. Another factor is poverty, which keeps women economically dependent mostly on their male counterparts. Women never escape this and continue to rely on males for financial support.

A lot of violence and injustice is meted out against women in our society due to the fact that they are considered inferior by men. Furthermore, the male dominates almost every aspect of life and considers himself superior to others. When there is a gender considering themselves to be superior, it becomes difficult for everyone to avail equal opportunities.

The entire society is significantly impacted by gender inequality. It affects every aspect of society, not just a certain segment of it. It affects children first because they are susceptible to gender stereotypes from an early age. It has no benefit for men because it imposes strict requirements on them.

Every step needs to be free of gender discrimination so that everyone has the opportunity to develop. Therefore, everyone must start off in life with an education and other chances, regardless of gender. To accomplish this, our society must unite. Thank you.