2 Minute Speech On Generation Z In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on Generation Z. Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, iGen, or centennials, is the generation that came after millennials and was born between 1997 and 2012. Some of the eldest members of this generation will have graduated from college and will be working by 2020. They were raised on the internet and social media.

Generation Z is the youngest, most ethnically diverse, and largest generation. Gen Z is currently described by Pew Research as everyone born after 1996. Gen Z is commonly portrayed as being hooked to technology, antisocial, or “social justice warriors” because they grew up with technology, the internet, and social media.

Gen Z people appear to be autonomous, diligent, and highly educated, according to an early study. As a result of the financial challenges they experienced as children, they appear to be driven by work security and cash rewards. They are the most diverse generation yet, and as such, they care about equality concerns and want to work for companies that put it first.

The propensity for multitasking among members of Generation Z in employment may be one of its most obvious traits. Many people are accustomed to swiftly switching between apps, so they might approach their job projects in a similar way.

Despite their constant connection to technology, Gen Z personnel tend to prefer in-person interactions to virtual ones. In fact, according to one statistic, up to 72% of people say they prefer face-to-face interactions. This could be a reaction to the trend away from interpersonal, more traditional forms of communication in favor of collaborative tools like email and chat in the office. Thank you.