2 Minute Speech On Domestic Violence In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is defined as violence and abuse that take place in a domestic environment, such as a marriage or cohabitation. It’s crucial to keep in mind that domestic abuse encompasses all behaviors intended to exert authority and control over the victim, not just physical ones. It primarily targets a spouse, partner, or close family member and can impact people from various walks of life.

A number of people die as a result of the horrifying crime of domestic violence. Illiteracy and financial dependence on males are two of the most frequent causes of domestic violence. It frequently happens that the abuser is either crazy or needs psychological help. Recognizing society’s hypocrisy and double standards is crucial.

Depending on the type of domestic violence occurring, domestic violence has a variety of negative repercussions. It might be sexual, emotional, physical, or even financially abusive. A physical abuser utilizes force that harms the victim or puts their life in danger. The abuser also refuses to give the victim medical attention. Threatening and intimidating the victim constitutes emotional abuse.

The major effects of domestic abuse are shown on people’s overall health and wellness. Because it results in physical harm, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it deteriorates social skills and raises the risk that they’ll engage in health-harming behaviors like substance addiction or self-harm.

In conclusion, domestic violence can take many different forms, from physical aggression like biting and kicking to sexual or emotional abuse.