2 Minute Speech on Discrimination in English

Good morning everyone, today I am going to give a speech on discrimination. Our world has always been divided into two groups: those who are discriminated against and those who are the discriminators. Discrimination is defined as the denial of opportunity or equal rights to a particular group of people who may be differentiated based on their gender, race, or religion.

However, prejudices and stereotypes could be mistaken for discrimination. Stereotypes are preconceived notions about a particular group of individuals based on their gender, culture, or religion. Stereotypes are the root of prejudice. It is to judge someone based on widely held prejudices.

Various factors, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, education, finances, employment hierarchy, disability, etc., all contribute to discrimination in today’s society. These all result from a persistent superiority complex, ignorance, and disregard for others’ identities.

Significant problems including racism, sexism, homophobia, and Islamophobia exist around the globe today. All of these problems compound one another to create an unjust, unequal, and generally toxic society.

We examine all the horrifying and violent deeds that have marred people throughout history as a result of bigotry. These discriminatory practices are now acknowledged and denounced, but they are still far from being eliminated. Government should create laws to prevent it, and parents and schools should teach kids about equality. Although the battle against discrimination is lengthy and difficult, we must never give up.

In conclusion, discrimination poses a threat to both society and the victim since it outright denies that the victim has equal value to others. It is an infringement on someone’s identity. Thank you.