2 Minute Speech on Disaster Management in English

Good morning to everyone present here. I’m here to talk about disaster management and offer my views. Disaster is a calamity that occurs suddenly. a calamity that leaves a significant number of people injured or dead in a short period. There have been disasters brought on by armed warfare, torrential rainfall, hurricanes, chemical accidents, and earthquakes. The earth’s climate has undergone a significant transformation. Winters are getting shorter while summer days are getting longer. Natural disasters are becoming more common as a result of all these changes.

The main and backup plans for preventing disasters and dealing with them are called disaster management. Disaster management effectively manages natural calamities and disasters. Disaster management may not always be able to prevent the situation. But it can undoubtedly lessen their effects. Destruction, damage, and death are invariably the results of disasters, whether they be direct or indirect. Additionally, it results in the death of both humans and animals.

The major government agency is the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). The policies and procedures for disaster management are developed by NDMA. For managing natural calamities in India, the Indian government also maintains a separate fund called the “contingency fund of India.” Any type of catastrophe is possible, including pandemic illnesses, and industrial accidents, such as the Bhopal gas tragedy or the Fukushima nuclear power plant, etc.

On that note, I’d like to say that disaster management is a group effort that is well-coordinated. To lower the risk of human life, everyone must actively participate in disaster management. Thank you.