2 Minute Speech On Climate Change In English

Climate change is the greatest danger we currently face. It is extremely dangerous, and if we don’t address it, the repercussions will be fatal. Good morning to everyone present, I am here to speak about climate change. 

The reality of man-made climate change is extremely unsettling. Carbon dioxide has increased by 30% since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Because only human activity has been responsible for fossil fuel emissions during the past 200 years, it is more than just a natural occurrence.

Since 1995, there have been 20 of the warmest years on record. A great deal of damage is done to several species, birds, habitats, trees, and aquatic life. Scientists predict that everything will disappear by 2040, except for the summertime. Over the last 80 years, the sea level has increased twice as quickly.

While a slight increase in the earth’s temperature has no immediate negative effects, the long-term effects will be disastrous. As the oceans warm and our glaciers and land-based ice sheets melt, the sea level will rise dramatically, possibly by up to a meter in certain areas, by the year 2100.

In conclusion, to believe that there is no such thing as climate change is scandalous. Although much has been done to tackle it, we are still not doing enough. Climate change mitigation should be our top priority. There is no primary agenda because most individuals are preoccupied with other issues. Thank You.