2 Minute Speech On Child In English

Very good morning to everyone present here, children today are extremely intelligent and well-informed from an early age. So, today I am here to give a speech on ‘Child’. Children are capable of a wide range of achievements and exploits. All they require is the correct training, the right leadership, and the desired setting. Given this, the next generation will undoubtedly guide the country to greater heights and newer horizons. We all live as humans on the same planet.

We must take on responsibility for those children who were born into a world without the love and support that every child deserves, just as it is our duty to protect the environment for future generations. We must use both of the hands that God has given us in order to assist these kids. Let’s also speak out in support of their rights. Give them a brighter future so they can in turn improve the world.

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.”

Children have the ability to influence the nation’s future. Over the populations of China or the rest of the world, the Indian population has this significant advantage. Therefore, this advantage needs to be appropriately shaped and given the right guidance. The first step in uplifting children is to provide them with the proper education.

In conclusion, to guarantee that kids are enrolled in primary and secondary schools, the government should implement strict regulations. The correct development of children is also hampered by factors such as child labor, drug misuse, underage marriage, beggarly living, and so forth.