2 Minute Speech On Bullying In English

Good morning principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today I am going to talk about bullying. No matter what you think or have done, you have most likely bullied someone. Bullying is all around us. Stories about bullying, terrible incidents, and victims of bullying are frequently reported in the news.

Bullying happens everywhere, and your chances of experiencing it are high. Bullying is a widespread problem everywhere in the globe, especially in schools and online. Further research has found that early adolescent psychotic symptoms were more likely to appear in kids who were frequently bullied by their peers.

Bullying is a problem all around the world. The individual seated next to you can be the target of bullying and you don’t even know it. They might not appear to be in pain, but they might be. Bullying doesn’t always involve slamming someone into a locker, moving them about, or even assaulting them. Bullying can occur offline, online, on the bus, after school, when you’re walking home, and even within your own walls.

Anyone who deliberately tries to offend you is bullying you. Whether you simply look at them as they pass or make fun of something they say in class, bullying someone involves hurting their feelings. There are bullies in your classroom and throughout the school, despite what you may believe. Certainly, someone is present. So let’s be nice to one another and refrain from being bullies, even unintentionally. Thank you.