2 Minute Speech On Biodiversity In English

Good morning principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today I am going to discuss about biodiversity. In 1985, the term “biodiversity” was first used to shorten the phrase “biological diversity.” The extent and variety of life on earth are referred to. A biologically varied Earth is one that is thought of at three different levels: ecosystems, species, and genes. It includes the vast number of species of plants, animals, and microbes, as well as the huge genetic diversity within these species.

The area under consideration could be as tiny as the compost pile in your garden or as large as the entire planet. Plants and animals coexist with one another. All living things are interconnected with one another and with their nonliving surroundings (earth forms, rocks, and rivers). We might not notice or think it’s significant if one tiny species in an ecosystem goes extinct. However, that ecosystem’s biodiversity will change, and this will have an impact on all the ecosystems to which the species belongs.

Therefore, the term “biological diversity” refers to the variety and variability among living things as well as the ecological systems in which they coexist. Diversity can be described as the number of unique items and the relative frequency of those items. Thank you.