2 Minute Speech On Basketball In English

Greetings and very good morning to everyone present. Today on this auspicious day I am going to speak about basketball. In the past several years, basketball has truly gone worldwide. The game is currently well-liked in the US. In addition, due to the enjoyable and competitive aspects of the game, many people refer to it as an American game. Additionally, this is one of the indoor games that continues to draw in zillions of people worldwide. Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, invented this game. He created the game in the beginning on a rectangular field that was 6 feet wide and 4 feet high. A 12-foot-long free throw line is also included on the court.

Basketball was first played with a soccer ball. Additionally, James Naismith was the first to use a peach basket with a solid bottom. This basket was therefore nailed 10 feet above the ground on a raised track. If you find the manual removal of the ball from the basket to be a negative, the bottom was eliminated, and modern-style baskets took their current form. Dribbling wasn’t initially included in the game either. The balls eventually improved in shape due to manufacturing up until 1950.

In addition, the brown ball transformed into the orange ball. The brown ball was initially utilized because it was believed that it would be easier to see. By 1996, metal hoops on the backboard had taken the place of the peach baskets. Thank you.