2 Minute Speech On Albert Einstein In English

Good morning to the respected teachers, dear friends, and excellencies. On this momentous day, I’m here to speak in Albert Einstein’s tribute. One of the world’s best physicists was Albert Einstein. I want to shed light on his life and contributions to science and international politics. In Ulm, Germany, on March 14, 1879, he was born. He appeared to be an ordinary kid. But as a youngster, he had some shortcomings.

He started speaking very slowly and repeated each word twice. His fellow kids teased him. Even less protective than that were his parents of him. But he had a strong interest in science since he was little. He excelled in academics. He consistently received outstanding grades, but he disliked the rigid rules of the classroom. So he permanently departed the school. He accepted to go to study in liberal-minded Switzerland. There, he developed a crush on Mileva Mark, a classmate. He later married her.

He worked on various scientific hypotheses. In 1921, he received the Physics Nobel Prize. Honors and invitations from all over the world were bestowed upon him. He was profoundly affected when America detonated atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He advocated for the establishment of a global government. Up until the time of his death in 1955, he continued to struggle for the advancement of democracy and peace. Even now, he is regarded as a “world’s citizen.” Thank you.