2 Minute Speech On Animals In English

Good morning to the respected teachers, dear friends, and excellencies. On this momentous day, I’m here to speak about animals. Animals are vital to both human survival and the health of the land. Humans have been taking advantage of animals since ancient times. They were initially used for transportation.

Additionally, they are used for food, hunting, and protection. Oxen are used by people for farming. Additionally, humans employ animals as their companions. For example, dogs are used to guide the elderly and physically handicapped people.

Animals are used in research laboratories to evaluate drugs. Most experiments are done on rats and rabbits. These studies help forecast any potential disease outbreaks in the future. So, we can shield ourselves from potential damage.

Animals are also used in astronomy studies. They are also used for other things. Animals are used in a variety of sports, including polo and racing. They can also be used in other industries.

They are also utilized for leisure purposes. For instance, people may go door to door and do animal stunts for children in addition to having circuses. Additionally, they are utilized by police organizations similarly to detection dogs.

In the same manner, we also take a joyride on them. For this, many animals including camels, horses, and elephants are used. They are therefore very important in our life.

As a result, both in human life and on our planet, animals serve a vital role. As a result, it is our responsibility as humans to protect animals for their benefit. Without the assistance of other animals, the human race would not be able to survive.