2 Minute Speech On Agriculture In English

Good morning to my teachers and friends present here. Today, I would like to talk about the topic of agriculture. The Indian economy, as well as those of many other nations, is based largely on the agricultural sector. It has been used in our nation for countless years. Over time, it has seen significant development. Nowadays, in this contemporary period, virtually all of the conventional farming practices have been replaced by the use of new technology and equipment. This agricultural progress helped the other sectors of the economy as well as its own to grow.

India is heavily dependent on agriculture. Despite the fact that people have been practicing agriculture for thousands of years, it was long underdeveloped. But we are making every effort. In the years following our independence, we imported food grains to meet our needs. However, during the green revolution, we grew independently and began selling our surplus to other nations.

For the cultivation of food grains, we used to be totally dependent on the monsoon, but today we have built dams, canals, tube wells, and pump sets. Additionally, compared to earlier times, we now have a wider selection of seeds, insecticides, and fertilizers, all of which allow us to grow more food.

Thus, to conclude I would like to mention that we are the largest exporter of several food grains after the green revolution strengthened our agriculture sector more than that of many other nations. Thank you.