2 Minute Speech On Afforestation And Its Impact In English

Good morning to my teachers and friends present here. Today, I would like to talk about the topic of afforestation and its impact. Planting trees is what is meant by afforestation. In our nation, trees have been hacked down carelessly for fuel, household needs, etc. We required more land for industrial zones, railroads, roads, and farmland; thus, we are increasingly felling more trees. As a result, pollution affected us. For the benefit of trees, our nation’s government created the Forest Preservation Act in 1980.

Our existence depends greatly on trees. They also provide us with medicines, cool shade to rest under, and fruits to eat. All living creatures use up oxygen, which is replaced by trees. They remove contaminants from our atmosphere. The trees are our allies. As a result, we cannot ever cut down trees. However, we ought to plant as many trees as we can. Van Mahotsava is a campaign that our government initiated to encourage people to plant more trees.

Due to a decline in deforestation in certain nations and increases in forest area in other nations as a result of afforestation and the natural extension of forests, the rate of net forest loss significantly decreased throughout the 1990–2020 period. According to a 2019 assessment of the potential for tree restoration worldwide, there is room for at least 9 million km2 of new forests, which is a 25% increase over the state of things right now. [Reference needed] By lowering CO2 levels and increasing O2, this forest area might store up to 205 gigatons of carbon, or 25% of the present carbon pool in the atmosphere. Thank you.