2 Minute Speech On A Balanced Diet In English

Greetings and very good morning to everyone present. Today on this auspicious day I am going to speak about a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains each of the nutrient categories.

The five major food groups that we need to include in our diets are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A lack of carbohydrates might make you feel worn out and exhausted. Muscle underdevelopment and delayed growth may be consequences of protein deficiency.

Lack of vitamins and minerals increases a person’s vulnerability to illnesses including rickets, night blindness, and other conditions. Dehydration and dyspepsia brought on by a diet low in roughage and water might cause irregular bowel movements and dehydration.

Every component of a balanced diet must be present in sufficient quantities. Increased fat and carbohydrate intake could have negative effects.

To conclude, a balanced diet keeps us nourished, helps us maintain healthy body weight, and keeps pimples and acne at bay on our skin. Adolescents must consume protein to support their growth and development.