2 Minute Speech On Benefits Of Yoga In English

Greetings and very good morning to everyone present. Today on this auspicious day I am going to speak about benefits of yoga. Yoga is a traditional ascetic practise that connects the body and mind. It is a physical activity that involves managing our breath, practising simple meditation, and adopting particular physical postures by balancing the components of our body. Yoga is commonly used to promote physical and mental relaxation as well as good health.

Literally, yoga means “union, to connect or come together.” This union denotes a healthy connection between the body and the mind. Yoga, which is based on universal principles, is also known as the science of achieving harmony between the body and the soul, as well as between rest and activity.

Yoga also helps us to keep our bodies and thoughts under control. Yoga is a fantastic method for letting stress and anxiety out.

Yoga offers several advantages when it is frequently performed. It prevents the majority of ailments from affecting our bodies and thoughts. If people are in congruence, life will be happier, calmer, and more rewarding. Therefore, frequent yoga practise will help you grow a strong and flexible body, lose weight, be at peace, be in good health, look good, and be lovely.

Yoga can improve mental clarity and brain function. One can improve their degree of concentration by doing yoga. Regular practise also helps with the growth of self-control and self-awareness. Thankyou.