100 Words Paragraphs On Padma bridge In English

In Bangladesh, the Padma River is crossed by the multipurpose Padma Bridge. Bangladesh is prone to drought. On June 25, 2022, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially opened the Padma Bridge. Without any outside assistance, the largest megaproject in the nation was developed entirely with domestic resources. Its price increased to 30,000 crores after several revisions.

On December 7, 2014, the bridge’s construction got under way. China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company Ltd constructed it. In a variety of project tasks, artisans from outside and locally are involved. Lauhjung of Munshiganj is located on its eastern side, and Shariatpur and Madaripur are located on its western bank.

This bridge is 6.150 metres long overall and 18.18 metres wide. 19 districts in the southwest of the country have been immediately connected to the east with the construction of this bridge, including Dhaka, and the majority of the districts will be connected after the railway segment is opened.

The Padma Bridge is crucial to Bangladesh’s economic growth and to raising the standard of living for billions of people worldwide. In addition, this bridge will be essential to a prosperous economy and one of the most fascinating and significant sites in the globe. With the completion of the Padma Bridge, Bangladesh has entered a new era.