100 Words Paragraphs On Bullying In English

Bullying is defined as domineering behaviour towards another individual. It is used to describe the coercion of power over others so that one person can rule over others. It is a repeated act that doesn’t happen just once but rather frequently. Bullies are those who mock other people for a variety of reasons and are referred to as those who bully others. Someone’s sense of the power differential is what leads to bullying.

Bullying can occur at any age and in any setting, including schools, colleges, workplaces, public places, etc. Often times, not only other people but also family members or parents will unintentionally bully a person by speaking to them negatively all the time. As a result, the victim progressively begins to lose confidence in himself or herself and may also experience psychological problems.

According to a UNESCO report, 32% of students globally experience bullying in school. Bullying is also growing more prevalent in our nation. Instead, bullying is growing in importance across the globe. The prevalence of physical bullying among boys and the prevalence of psychological bullying among girls have both been documented.