100 Words Paragraph On Corruption In English

There are many frauds that go unnoticed by the public but have a significant impact. They’re referred to as corruption. An act of betrayal that has rarely left anyone or any place is corruption. Corruption affects everyone and everything, including hospitals, businesses, and governments. Corruption quickly descends from upper levels to lower levels, creating a culture of laziness and falsified outcomes.

There are also indications that politicians received funding from drug lords and smugglers. When their lives are in danger, they are attacked right once, which usually results in death. They are prevented from reducing influence through corruption. Unfortunately, corruption cannot stop the decline of their morals or values; on the contrary, it makes it worse.

The quantity of money that goes into their accounts for personal accumulations is beyond our ability to even fathom. Insidious corruption has now crept into every department and area of the administration. Our economy is currently devastated by corruption, and as a result, our operations have become chaotic.