100 Words Paragraph On Cinema In English

The best form of pleasure, movies also serve as great teachers, and we can learn a lot from them. Because they display everything, we get to decide if it’s a good habit or a bad one. I can state that it has had a significant impact on us and that both we and our society are clearly affected by it. We all enjoy seeing movies and find it difficult to picture life without theatres.

It shows that movies play a very important role in our life. People easily get the effect with them and get manipulated with movies. This is the reason why some movies get banned and some of them are strongly opposed. Overall, I can that they are good and one should really learn from them.

In a movie, various societal problems are depicted and are seen to have an impact on people. One of the clearest instances is our police. In the past, police had a terrible reputation for accepting bribes or acting in a don’s manner, among other things. But owing to movies, the public is now aware that not all police officers are created equal.

It demonstrates the significance of movies in our lives. Humans are readily manipulated by them and given the desired impression by movies. This is the cause of certain films being outlawed and others facing fierce opposition. Overall, I think they are good and that people could benefit from learning from them.