100 Words Paragraph On Computer In English

Nowadays, living without a computer is unimaginable. The development of computers enabled many people to realise their ambitions. The computer can be used for numerous things, including information storage, software development, programming, calculating, email, and many other things.

As fundamental components of a computer, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, and UPS are included. A computer is renowned for having a tonne of storage.

Humans are now largely dependent on technology, and everyone uses computers these days, from office workers to students for academic purposes. People in the twenty-first century appear to be interested in more modern computers that are lighter, smaller, and more potent with greater speed and accuracy.

Computers can be used for a variety of tasks in addition to school and work, including traffic control, weather forecasting, educational and medical purposes, spaceship guidance and design, operation, examination, crime detection, and a long list of other things. Since human wants and desires have evolved, computers have also advanced over time, meeting all of our needs and beyond them.