100 Words Paragraph On Children’s Day In English

Children’s Day is a yearly event celebrated on November 14. Children determine a country’s fate; their formative years will contribute to its prosperity. Everyone should recognise the need of protecting children from the harsh realities of the outside world.

Schools are decorated before Children’s Day, and kids are welcomed with small symbolic presents and blessings.

The main draw of the event is a variety of academic competitions, games, quizzes, and fests. In schools, you can also find lunch parties, gift distribution, refreshment setups, and award ceremonies. Children from underprivileged backgrounds receive food, books, and toys from various Organisations. There are also numerous government initiatives organised right before Children’s Day. The government provides free education in slum and rural areas.

They adhere to the principles and memorialise Chacha Nehru by doing so. Political leaders recognise Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s contributions and recall his dedication to and convictions for our nation.