100 Words Essay On Natural Disaster In English

Natural disasters are caused by nature e.g. tornadoes, ice storms, earthquakes, severe weather, and flooding. This has been taught to kids by the age of 8. It is very important to know this so that one can be prepared during such times. The Philippines is the country in the world with the highest natural disaster risk.

Natural disasters can make one lose a lot of properties, damage land and lose a lot of lives. One of the most recent and devastating earthquakes happened in Manipur, India in 2023. This made a lot of people suffer tremendously leaving a whole bunch of traumatised masses.

On 3rd March 2023, one of the largest earthquakes in the world was confirmed with more than 56,800 deaths, more than 48,400 in Turkey, and more than 7,200 in Syria. It was the deadliest earthquake in what is present-day Turkey since the 526 Antioch earthquake.