100 Words Essay on Eiffel Tower in English

The Eiffel Tower is a super tall wrought-iron lattice tower in Paris. It is the tallest man made tower until the 1930. It was built on 28 January 1887. It became a distinctive symbol of the city of Paris. There are over 300 million visitors due to its extremely iconic attraction. The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel. It was built to flaunt France’s industrial prowess at the 1889 World Fair. I t was supposed to be demolished after twenty years after its making however it has been lasting till this very date. It is also said that the Eiffel tower can be painted only by hand due to its very unique structure. Another amazing fact about this tower is that one can see 72 names engraved at the base. This is rather very heart touching as It’s a symbolic way of paying homage to the scholars, scientists, and mathematicians who contributed tirelessly to the tower’s successful assembly.