100 Words Essay on Criminology in English

Criminology is simply defined as the study of crime and criminal behavior. It is an interesting topic to ponder on, no doubt. It is also called as the ‘young science’. The term criminology was first coined by the Italian law Professor Raffaele Garofalo in 1885. The origin of the very word “criminology’ comes from the Latin and Greek word. “Crimen,” which means accusation, and the translated Greek term ‘logia’, which is used to describe the study of a particular concept or subject. It has been said that criminology developed in the 18th century when there were various movements which caused quite a lot of crimes. This study has been evolving throughout the years. There have been a lot of theories proposed regarding crime and criminals throughout the years. A very important thing to keep in mind is that one of the key tools of criminology is fingerprinting. criminology is now a subject which is being studied by people who are interested in this field of study. with time, it has grown and evolved rapidly. there is also no doubt to the fact that it has helped solved a lot of crime cases and has prevented many.