100 Words Essay On Air Pollution In English

Air pollution is a serious problem faced worldwide. Although there is quite some implementation towards this very problem, we cannot deny that this problem will be removed from this world completely.

This has also caused the rise of various illnesses and diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases and varied types of skin allergies leading to cancer as well. Due to all of these problems, India has planned to launch an ambitious National Clean Air Program to reduce particulate matter pollution by 30% by 2024.

According to recent studies, Air pollution accounts for an estimated 12.5 percent of deaths in India. Air pollution is also stated to be India’s second-largest public health risk after malnutrition.

We, as the citizens of India and the world, should keep in mind the consequence of polluting the air and working together towards achieving a better and healthier lifestyle which will eventually be of help to one’s life and the air.