100-300 Words Paragraph On Apartheid In English

The atrocities committed in South Africa are unimaginable. Many innocent lives have been lost in the fight for freedom and democracy, and practically all black South Africans have suffered as a result. Apartheid was a policy of racial segregation or discrimination. Even if the battle has come a long way, it is not yet ended. It all started in 1948, when the South African government enacted new legislation that drew a thin line between black and white.

South Africa was divided into 13 countries, which included whites, coloureds, Indians, and ten black African groupings. Apartheid was instituted to prevent contact between different nations, because whenever these nationalities came into contact, there would be disagreements and tension amongst the few.

Apartheid was employed to minimise contact between these races in order to establish a society free of conflict and war. These rules were enacted to ensure that persons from different groups did not socialise with one another, share public facilities, or interact in any way.