100-300 Words Paragraph On A House On Fire In English

On my walk back from the playground one day, I noticed a house on fire. I dashed towards the on-fire house. When I arrived, I noticed a large crowd outside the house. Some of them were throwing sand and dust at the fire, while others were pouring buckets of water on it. It was a terrifying sight.

The house had two stories. Some of the house’s occupants were in the rooms on the first level. They were screaming for aid as they were engulfed in flames. The fire was rapidly growing. Some of the inmates were burned and injured when they were released from the house (blisters). Those on the top story, however, were unable to escape.

Meanwhile, the fire department arrived. The neighbours did their absolute best to extinguish the fire but they could not.He took a big risk. He brought the inmates out and down the steps amid fire. He collapsed unconscious as soon as he and two other inmates got down. The detainees he had rescued had suffered terrible burn injuries. They were taken to the nearest hospital in critical condition.