100-300 Words Paragraph About Myself In English

There are numerous people in the world with various personalities. It is one’s personality that distinguishes oneself from others. We never see two people who have the same personality. It never changes and determines a person’s quality. In this world, I am quite specific and have a distinct personality when compared to others.

I am a responsible and empathetic individual. I am very prompt and strive to complete all of my tasks on schedule. I prefer simple, wholesome foods. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, reading novels, playing badminton, and cooking. I never miss a class and try to attend every one. I always attempt to help others and solve their difficulties.

I love going to school at home with my buddies and my wonderful parents and grandparents. I adore picnics, and we organise them during the winter and summer vacations. My school considers me to be an excellent student. I participate in all of the school’s extracurricular activities and do well in them. I excel in both academics and athletics.