10 Lines On Agra Fort In English For Students

  1. Agra Fort is a historic fort located in the city.
  2. Up until 1638, Agra Fort served as the Mughal Dynasty emperors’ principal home.
  3. Agra Fort took eight years and 4,000 workers daily to complete in 1573.
  4. Beautiful palaces made of red sandstone and white marble may be found inside the fort.
  5. Agra Fort was erected by Akbar.
  6. The Agra fort appears to be in the shape of a semicircle when viewed from above.
  7. The Agra fort’s walls have a 2 kilometre perimeter and a height of 70 feet.
  8. The palace of Jahangir, Akbar’s son, is the main draw of the Agra fort.
  9. A number of emperors took control of and pillaged the Agra fort after the passing of Shah Jahan (the grandson of Akbar).
  10. A UNESCO World Heritage property is the Agra Fort.